Kevin McHale Wants to Coach the Bulls

by June 02, 2010

McHale expects an interview to see if he can take over for Vinny Del Negro in Chi-town. Rejoice, Bulls fans! (Or not.) From the Sun-Times: “Kevin McHale brought himself right back toward the center of the evolving swirl known as the Bulls search for a new head coach Tuesday afternoon. During a TNT Sports media conference call about the upcoming NBA Finals, the all-time Boston Celtics great said that he expects to be interviewed for the job by Bulls executive vice president – basketball operations John Paxson and general manager Gar Forman. ‘Yeah, I suppose that,’ McHale said. ‘We’ve had some just primary discussions and I’ve talked to both Gar and Pax a little bit. So, I mean, we’ll see where it goes from there. ‘As far as Chicago goes, everybody, I think, would like that job,’ McHale said. ‘It’s a good young team. They’ve got [Derrick] Rose, they’ve got other good young players, they have free agency, full money under the [salary] cap. I think there’s a lot of positives there. But again, I guess that’s just going to be a wait-and-see thing. I think they’re going to interview a lot of people and it’ll be up to Pax and Gar Forman to make that decision.'”