Keyon Dooling: Rondo is Second-Best In League; Garnett is a ‘Genius’

by September 27, 2012

Days after announcing his retirement, Keyon Dooling is ready to talk about everything. In a must-read interview with Jessica Camerato, the 32-year-old discusses matters near and dear to him. He opens up about why he had to retire, about being sexually abused, and about his relationship with Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett. From Camerato’s chat with a courageous Dooling: “‘Rondo is my friend. I want my son to play ball like Rondo but shoot like me. That’s my brother. It pisses me off to see the way the media treats him because he’s strong. They’re scared of strength and he’s honest. It’s okay to be strong. What’s wrong with that man being strong? He’s earned his right. He’s come from nothing, he’s come from nothing. He’s the second-best player in the league. He didn’t make the USA Team, sometimes he’s a replacement for the All-Star Game. He’s the epitome of an unselfish player. He rebounds the basketball, he affects the game in five statistical categories. He shoots a higher percentage than all the point guards and they always talk about how he can’t shoot…. ‘[Garnett]’s a true intellect and he knows everything. We just get along so well and I’m so honest with him and I give him a different perspective. He gave me the last little lesson that I needed about toughness and being firm and how to empower people. Kevin Garnett is a genius. He is literally a genius. He knows everything. He stays up all night researching everything. The commitment that he has to the game of basketball is ridiculous.'”