Kicks: ASICS’ NYC ‘Marathon Experience’

by October 31, 2011

SLAM is your home for the best in basketball, but we like other sports, too. So when something cool comes across the news desk, we won’t hesitate to share. Remember a couple years back when Ed. gave us this masterpiece? Yeah, that was ASICS. And this year, they’re giving NYC a chance to join the fun. From our friends at ASICS:

ASICS America Corporation, official sponsor of the ING New York City Marathon, will launch its “Marathon Experience” at Columbus Circle Subway Station on October 31. A technological innovation, the interactive exhibit with feature 17 unique visual displays stretching the length of two football fields and will transform the station while conveying the spirit and passion behind the race.

“Run with Ryan,” a life-sized, 60-foot video display wall will feature ASICS’ athlete and Olympic Marathoner Ryan Hall running at his incredible race pace. Fans will be challenged to race along with Ryan to get a real feel for just how fast he really runs, a pace he keeps up for the entire 26.2 miles.

Another exhibit, “Slices of Life” details various pieces of the marathon experience through compelling visual interpretations.  From a shoelace sculpture that replicates ASICS tiger stripes, to the role of the New York City Police Department to the vast number of water cups discarded during the race, each tidbit portrays a vital piece of the marathon puzzle.

Using recycled trash from prior races, a local New York City artist has transformed the trash to art in another unique display. Everything from band-aids and water bottles to gel packs, paper cups and other debris will transform into a mural depicting one runner finishing the race.

“The ING New York City Marathon is a life-changing experience like no other for many runners, and it is fitting to transform a New York City landmark to pay tribute to the sport and give a small glimpse into what goes into it,” says ASICS’ Vice President of Marketing, Erik Forsell. “It’s one of the biggest road races of the year, and we will go big and bold, paying attention to the smallest detail, to capture the essence of the marathon.”

ASICS will use the Marathon Experience to debut the new look of ASICS’ 2012 national advertising campaign, “Stop at Never.” The campaign speaks directly to ASICS’ commitment to athletic excellence and technological innovation, the same inspirations at the core of the Marathon Experience at Columbus Circle.

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