Point 3 Basketball Launches Brand Anthem Videos


To celebrate its one-year anniversary, POINT 3 Basketball has released a pair of brand anthem videos (with slightly different endings), to accompany an upgraded website and online store. POINT 3 prides itself on being true to the basketball player, through top-level performance gear and direct communication with the consumer. More details, straight from P3:

Highlighting the significance of 0.3 seconds in the game of basketball, the apparel company’s brand anthem “Every POINT 3 Matters” illustrates how even a fraction of a second can determine on-court success. Visitors to POINT3Basketball.com can select and watch their own basketball scenario to experience the difference POINT 3 can make.

“We wanted our brand anthem to clearly communicate what all basketball players already know,” offered POINT 3 Chief Creative Officer Josh Murphy. “That like football is a game of inches, basketball is a game of tenths of seconds, and every 0.3 is critical.”