Kicks: Two Models of the Zoom Kobe VII?

by Chris O’Leary/@olearychris

You’ve seen pics of the Zoom Kobe VII, but CounterKicks has unearthed some more info about the shoe and what you can expect from what is arguably the most widely worn signature shoe in the basketball market today (by sneakerheads, young ballers and pros alike).

The ZKVII will take on the traits of three different animals: a shark, a cheetah and a black mamba snake. The shark will represent power and strength, the cheetah is speed and quickness, while the mamba of course will continue to represent the ultimate predator.

How those traits manifest is where it gets interesting. Taking the cue from the LeBron 8 line this year, CK is saying that the Kobe VII will have two shoe models. The regular version of the shoe will fall under the lightweight, Zoom-Air loaded sneak that we’ve come to expect from Nike and Kobe over the last three years.

The second model of the ZKVII will be a more expensive “Supreme” edition. CK explains it further:

“The higher price point Zoom Kobe VII Supreme supposedly showcases an internal booty/ankle fit system, transforming the shoes from cheetah “fast” to shark “strong”. If this story sticks true, it wouldn’t be a first in the Kobe Bryant line. Nike presented and sold the Zoom Kobe II concept as a three model shoe pack, exhibiting alternate styles for “Sheath,” “Strength,” and “Lite” looks.”

Check this pic from the Nike Basketball China catalogue for a visual breakdown of the brand’s plan.