Klay Thompson on Bucks Passing on Him in 2011 Draft: ‘I Thank God Every Day’

by September 27, 2015

Early in the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft, a three-way trade executed by Charlotte, Sacramento and Milwaukee resulted in Jimmer Fredette going No. 10 overall to the Bucks (he was subsequently traded to the Kings) which left Klay Thompson available to Golden State at No. 11. The rest is history, as Thompson has become an All-Star and NBA Champion, and Fredette has become a fringe NBA player who has bounced aroundΒ on three different teams already.

Looking back, Klay says “I thank God every day” that he went to the Warriors, and not the Bucks. It’s not necessarily throwing shade at Milwaukee so much as Thompson is recognizing what a blessing it’s been to be in the Bay Area. But still, yikes.