Klay Thompson: Warriors Could Win 70 Games

by November 02, 2015

Led by a somehow-improved Stephen Curry, the 3-0 Golden State Warriors have looked even more terrifying than the 67-win outfit that rampaged through the League last season.

When asked if the Dubs could tie or perhaps break the 72-win mark—an NBA record for regular season wins set by Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls in 1995-96—Thompson said it was unlikely.

According to the All-Star shooting guard, however, 70 wins is something the defending champs have a chance at reaching.

Per the Bay Area News Group:

“That’s going to be a tough one,” Thompson said on a Google Hangouts Q&A with ShotTracker, a wearable tech company he partnered with. “We’ll try. There are so many good teams. We’ll try. We did get 67 wins last year, which was an amazing feat. We might be able to get 70. It’s going to depend a lot on health, obviously, and a lot of lucky bounces that go our way. […] Seventy-two wins, that’s a lot of wins, man. I don’t know if that will be done again, but hey man, we might be the team to do it just because we reached 67 last year. And if we stay focused and we take every game serious, we should have a chance to reach 70. It won’t be easy. It will be extremely difficult, but you know what? Why not?”


Warriors coach Steve Kerr played on the Bulls’ 72-win team with Michael Jordan. Last season during Golden State’s hot start, Kerr laughed off questions about the Warriors keeping up that pace.


“What I remember from that year is there were about 10 games where Michael just decided, ‘We’re going to win,’” Kerr said. “And every other team on Earth would have lost those 10 games. […] He wanted to break that Lakers record of 69 wins, and so he decided we would do it, and so we did it, and there’s only one Michael.”

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