Knicks’ Donnie Walsh Denies Pursuit of Carmelo Anthony

The Knicks’ GM claims that he’s not trying to acquire ‘Melo from Denver, which of course, no one is going to believe. From the NY Daily News: “The Knicks are obviously interested in acquiring Anthony, but there are several hurdles to overcome. Do the Knicks have a package that is more attractive than what the Nets have offered? Does Donnie Walsh want to blow up the roster to add Anthony or does he take the chance that Anthony opts for free agency and signs with the Knicks in July. ‘I don’t have anything going with Denver,’ Walsh told The News Wednesday. ‘Nothing.’ Several league executives question whether the Knicks would be willing to gut their roster to meet Denver’s demands since the organization is enjoying its best season in 10 years. Plus, the Knicks may have to take back one or two long-term contracts from Denver. ‘I get the sense that they (the Knicks) will ride it out,’ said one rival GM. ‘They’re on a roll. Why mess with it.’ ‘Look,’ Walsh said about being OK with keeping the status quo this season. ‘I had a plan and I’m trying to build on the plan. If there was a reason to change the plan I’d change it.'”