Knicks Losing in Depressing, Historic Fashion

Well, at least these Knicks will always be remembered. Too bad it’s for something truly shameful, as the NY Post details: “It was another night filled with setbacks as the Knicks fell apart late and fell to 22-42, officially securing their franchise-record ninth straight losing season.  Now Walsh is a full-fledged part of the darkest era in Knicks history. This sad period has topped the eight straight losing seasons from 1959 to 1967. From Scott Layden to Isiah Thomas to Walsh, the Knicks have mastered the art of losing. Soon they will attempt to lure free agents, carrying a losing culture imbedded into the Garden hardwood. Curry is the era’s poster boy — and it’s a large poster — of this wasted era. Curry and David Lee are the longest-tenured Knicks, now part of five straight losing seasons.”