Knicks Still Going at Chris Paul or Deron Williams

by December 03, 2010

Despite Raymond Felton’s strong play, the New York Knicks are still in the hunt for a top-tier point guard. Remember, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony raised a glass last summer and toasted the possibility of one day joining Amar’e Stoudemire in New York. From the Daily News: “Aligning a bunch of superstars in one city is the new trend in the NBA, but it’s far from an exact science. The Celtics Big 3 plus Rajon Rondo has worked like a charm while Miami’s Big 3 plus Juwan Howard is trying to keep its head above .500. The Knicks, of course, don’t have a point guard issue because Raymond Felton has played well through 19 games. And yet we should always remember that Felton was signed to a two-year contract last summer. The Knicks still look at him as a band-aid until Paul or Deron Williams becomes available. Paul is terrific but I’ve always preferred Utah’s Deron Williams. He’s tougher, he’s a proven leader, winner and he’s more durable. I think Donnie Walsh feels the same way. Williams is from Dallas, played his college ball at Illinois and seems content in Utah. Would he walk? I guess it’s a possibility.”