Knicks Unhappy With Nets’ Marketing Near MSG

by July 01, 2010

The giant mural of Jay-Z and Mikhail Prokhorov, which looms hilariously over the Knicks’ gym in Manhattan has the team’s front office up in arms. Reports the NY Post: “It wasn’t what the Nets said. Or even how they said it. It was where they said it — within full view of Madison Square Garden at 34th Street and Eighth Avenue. And that ticked off the Knicks. That is where the Nets have placed a 225-by-99-foot ad on the side of a building proclaiming ‘The Blueprint for Greatness’ and depicting hip-hop mogul Jay-Z and the team’s new billionaire Russian owner, Mikhail Prokhorov. The Knicks were not amused. Nets sources say Knicks and Cablevision owner James Dolan called Jay-Z to complain. Others in the Knicks hierarchy called the Nets and the NBA. The Nets did nothing wrong, according to the league. ‘They put up a sign,’ said one neutral Eastern Conference observer. ‘The Knicks could put up a giant sign on Route 3 if they want.”‘