Knicks Will Reportedly Sign Jason Kidd to Multi-Year Deal

by July 05, 2012

Though Steve Nash chose sunny Los Angeles, the Knicks still managed to sign a veteran point guard—a dude you might’ve heard of named Jason Kidd. According to ESPN, the Knicks will sign Kidd to a multi-year deal after the pg declined to accept a three-year deal offered by the Mavericks: “With the Mavericks confident that they were closing in Thursday on a verbal agreement on a three-year deal with Kidd worth $9 million, sources told that Kidd — after all-day deliberations with both teams — has decided instead to leave Dallas to join the Knicks for a similar deal. The contract can’t actually be signed until July 11, which is the first day new NBA contracts can be signed. It’s also possible, one source said, that Kidd could ultimately move to the Knicks in a sign-and-trade deal. Sources briefed on the matter told that Kidd was ultimately swayed to take the Knicks’ offer to come to New York and take on the challenge of trying to help the Knicks move into the Eastern Conference and also mentor fans darling’ Jeremy Lin.”