Kobe Bryant Accepting of Mike Brown’s Criticism

by December 21, 2011

The Kobe Bryant/Mike Brown relationship is off to a fascinating start, as Mike Brown ripped Kobe’s defense against the Clippers in the first preseason game, something that Bryant welcomed with open arms. Per the Daily News: “They’re the coaches,’ Bryant said. ‘We’re here to be coached. I’m here to be coached just like everybody else, you know what I mean? It’s important for everybody to understand that. If I make a mistake, it’s the coach’s job to correct that. You can’t be sensitive or a baby. You’re here to win. That’s his job. I would upset if he was just letting me skate through things. You make mistakes, it’s the coach’s job to point that out. If he can’t point that out to me, he has no chance of pointing it out to anybody else.’ Bryant said he’s been surprised by Brown, who hasn’t lived up to his reputation. ‘What I heard about him was he was a pushover, doesn’t say what he’s thinking,’ Bryant said. ‘I haven’t seen that at all. He’s been the complete opposite. He’s been detail oriented. He’s been up front and open and honest. He praises guys when they do well. He jumps on them when they’re messing up right away. He does that me. He does that with Pau (Gasol). He does that with (Devin) Ebanks. There’s no difference. I’ve been extremely, extremely surprised and very, very pleased about that.'”