Kobe Bryant Blames Leg Fatigue for Poor Shooting

by November 26, 2014

It has become a familiar pattern for the Los Angeles Lakers this season — Kobe Bryant starts out hot, hitting his jumper, and then goes cold after halftime (but keeps firing away regardless.)

Kobe blames the lack of strength in his legs for his shooting woes — Bean, 36, leads the NBA in scoring at 26.7 points a game, while only connecting on 38.1% of his shot attempts — and is searching for a solution in his never-ending battle with Father Time.

Head coach Byron Scott intends to cut Bryant’s practice time, and continues to consider the option of reducing his minutes during games.

Per the LA Times:

“The second half of games for me have been a struggle lately with my legs,” Bryant said. “My shot’s just been really short even though my legs feel good.”


At the same time, he said there was a need to be “working on my legs a little bit, getting them stronger. […] It’s a fine balance at 36, trying to find the rhythm of strengthening your legs as the season goes on without wearing them out. We’re in uncharted territory in terms of trying to figure this out, but we will.”


Coach Byron Scott said he might even shorten Bryant’s playing time by a couple of minutes. Bryant is currently averaging 35.7 minutes. […] “We can see also watching the tape that everything was just a tad short, which tells me that the legs were a little fatigued,” Scott said.