Kobe Bryant Can See Himself Playing 3-4 More Years

by June 24, 2013

Despite the fact that his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers runs out after next season when he’ll be 35 years old, it’s become increasingly evident that Kobe Bryant isn’t quite ready to hang up his Nikes for good. During a business trip to Brazil with the Swoosh, Bryant said he can “easily” visualize himself hooping for three or four more years. Per the LA Times: “Kobe Bryant has consistently suggested he’ll play just one or two more seasons before retiring. Currently on a trip to Brazil, the Lakers guard may have revealed a different plan altogether. ‘I could easily see myself playing another three or four years,’ he said on Brazilian television in a segment produced by Glenda Carqueijo. […] Bryant was able to spend time with Hall-of-Famer Oscar Schmidt, who is recovering from brain surgery. Bryant and Schmidt were also joined by Brazilian NBA players Anderson Varejao andLeandro Barbosa, judging a local dunk contest.”