Kobe Bryant Considers Carmelo Anthony the ‘Most Difficult’ Player to Guard

by December 13, 2012

In a league full of super-human athletes, Kobe Bryant gives Carmelo Anthony (who he’ll face tonight in New York) the nod as the NBA’s toughest cover. Per the NY Post: “The Lakers star said Anthony, the Knicks’ MVP candidate, is the ‘most difficult’ guy for him to guard in the league, even harder than LeBron James, he told ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith on Tuesday. ‘For me?’ Bryant said. ‘Yeah.’ Bryant called Anthony, who is averaging 27.7 points per game this year, ‘a bull’ and says he ‘does it all.’ … ‘I’m [180 pounds] soaking wet,’ said Bryant. ‘Going up against that bull, it’s fun, but it’s hard.’ As for the Knicks, Bryant said they’re playing right now ‘with a belief.’ … ‘They believe that they deserve to be in the championship conversation,’ Kobe said.”