Kobe Bryant Denies Asking Dwight Howard If He Disliked Playing With Him

by January 26, 2013

Kobe Bryant confirmed the Lakers had a team meeting earlier in the week and denied confronting Dwight Howard about whether Howard liked playing with him. Per USA Today: “While Bryant acknowledged that the meeting took place, he disputed his part in it. ‘I never asked him (if he disliked playing alongside Bryant),’ Bryant said. ‘I never asked him that.’ So, Bryant was asked, what did he say? ‘It’s private; it’s private,’ he said. ‘But I never asked him that, so I’m not quite sure where that came from. That’s not in my personality to ask somebody that (laughs). It was nothing of that sort. If you talk to Dwight, ask Pau, ask Steve Nash and those guys – I never said that. I’m too old to be lying about that type of (expletive). I don’t give a (expletive).'”