Kobe Bryant Finally Speaks On Mike Brown

Ever since the hiring of new Head Coach Mike Brown, Lakers fans have worried about Kobe’s silence on the matter, assuming it means the team’s superstar wasn’t feeling his new coach. Turns out they were kind of right, but only kind of. Via the L.A. Times: “In the better-late-than-never category, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant shared his public thoughts about new Coach Mike Brown. ‘He just seems like the type of coach that buttons everything up, so I think as players we’ll all be happy,’ Bryant told ESPN’s George Hill in SportsCenter’s ‘Sunday Conversation’ segment, as first detailed by Lakers Nation’s David Brickley. Bryant was hardly happy when the Lakers made the initial hire. He texted a ‘no comment’ to The Times’ Broderick Turner when asked about the hire. Though he invited media to an event promoting his foundation’s aim to help those in need with the knowledge they’d ask him about Brown, Bryant still maintained his silence. Then in a move that differentiates from other years, Bryant declined to have a media session during one day of his summer camp in Santa Barbara. Although it’s fallen on deaf ears among Lakers fans, this story involves more than just inside information among media types. Former Times NBA columnist Mark Heisler talked to sources close to Bryant, who indicated he maintained his silence about Brown because he was miffed the front office didn’t consult him. Turner and Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski also talked to Bryant associates that made it clear he wasn’t thrilled with the hire. But for now, Bryant say he’s on board. ‘We’ve talked. We’ve met, we’ve talked several times, met several times,’ Bryant said. ‘We have been in dialogue. There has been an open dialogue.'”