Kobe Bryant Forgave Larry Nance Jr. for Disrespectful Tweet

by June 29, 2015

“Welcome to the team”, Kobe Bryant texted new teammate Larry Nance Jr., after the Los Angeles Lakers’ draft pick apologized for a regrettable 2012 tweet.

Kobe says the young fella made a mistake, and that he won’t hold it against him.

Per the OC Register:

“The kid figured it out for himself,” Bryant said. “He sent me a great message (Friday). […] He was really nice and apologetic about what happened,” Kobe said. “I told him we’ve all said things, done things we’ve regretted and wished we could take back. It’s water under the bridge.”


Bryant said he was more bothered by the start of the text message he received from Nance, in which he wrote, “Hi Mr. Bryant.”


“(I thought) you’re killing me,” Bryant said. “Then he writes back, thank you, sir.” […] “Sir?”