Kobe Bryant On Leading All-Star Voting: ‘What The Hell?’

Kobe Bryant leads all players by a wide margin in the 2016 All-Star voting, a development that completely shocked Kobe himself.

The Lakers’ star saw the voting results on Friday morning and immediately thought, “What the hell?”

“Shocked doesn’t do it justice,” Bryant said after the Lakers’ 94-84 loss to the Clippers on Friday.

Bryant has 719,235 votes—well ahead of the next highest vote-getter, Stephen Curry (510,202).

From ESPN:

After the Lakers’ 94-84, Christmas night loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, Bryant said he was more than a little surprised he had such a wide lead.


“Listen, I was making a little coffee run this morning, got some gas and decided to just go on Instagram and peruse,” he said, “and [I] saw the damn votes, and I was like, ‘What the hell?’ Shocked doesn’t do it justice.”


He added, “It’s exciting. What can I say? Just thankful.”