Kobe Bryant Motivated By Low Expectations for the Lakers

by August 14, 2013

Like most people, the writers over at ESPN expect the Los Angeles Lakers to struggle next season (they predicted a 12th place finish for the LakeShow in the Western Conference.) Kobe Bryant got wind of this, and subtly let it be known that he’s aware of (and likely fueled by) the extremely low expectations facing his team next season. Per the LA Daily News: “Bryant’s extremely self motivated, but he’s always looking for an extra edge. That’s why on the night he suffered a season-ending torn left Achilles tendon in mid April, Bryant preemptively predicted plenty of skepticism awaits on whether he can return and still play at an elite level. ‘It’s fueling me. I can feel it already,’ Bryant said at the time. ‘People saying players at this stage of their career have an Achilless [injury] and aren’t the same. I can hear it already. It’s [ticking] me off right now.’ It’s safe to say the Lakers’ 12th place prediction has the same affect on Bryant.”