Kobe Bryant on Dwight Howard Signing With Houston: ‘I Really Don’t Give a Sh*t’

by September 29, 2013

Yesterday was Media Day for the L.A. Lakers, and as was to be expected, Kobe Bryant was grilled on Dwight Howard’s decision to sign with Houston a few months back. Naturally, Kobe responded in the Kobe-ist way imaginable. Via Sporting News: “It was no secret, by the end of last year, that Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard had never really gotten onto the same page. Bryant is a fierce competitor, a guy who pushes teammates whether they like it or not. Howard is a much more laid-back personality, one who is not easily pushed. Kobe Bryant has moved on from the period Dwight Howard was with the Lakers. When Howard was deciding his future in free agency this summer, his choice captivating the entire NBA universe, Bryant was part of the Lakers’ group making the pitch to keep him in LA. Howard ultimately chose Houston, completely redirecting the future of the Lakers franchise. Now, three months later, Bryant looks back on the whole thing with decided nonchalance. At Lakers media day on Saturday, Bryant was asked about Howard’s decision and said, ‘Honestly, man, I really don’t give a s—. It is what it is. If he had come back, it would have been great, if he didn’t, that’s not—it is what it is.'”