Kobe Bryant Stops Practicing Again

by January 11, 2011

After helping to light a fire under his team, Bean is back to his regular schedule of watching the Lakers practice, in an effort to preserve his knee. The LA Times reports: “It feels good,’ Bryant said after practice Monday at the Lakers’ facility in El Segundo. ‘I’m not going to answer questions about my knee every damn day. I said what I had to say. My knee feels fine. The key is to make it stay fine.’ With the Lakers (27-11) winning four consecutive games entering Tuesday night’s contest at Staples Center against the Cleveland Cavaliers (8-29), Lakers Coach Phil Jackson argued Bryant’s return to staying off the practice court came at an appropriate time. ‘It’s not an issue,’ Jackson said regarding Bryant’s decision to sit out of practice. ‘He has to work with what sustains the effort he can put on the court. He’s tried to balance that off with strength straining and conditioning and not do too much activity on the court that are wearing and tearing activity. He got out for a week and a half to practice. It’s time for him to come back and do the strength thing.'”