Kobe Bryant Thinks it Makes Sense to Sit Out a Game or Two

by December 22, 2014

The Los Angeles Lakers lost their third in a row Sunday night, a 108-101 stinker against the Sacramento Kings.

Kobe Bryant finished with 25 points, but shot staggeringly poorly from the field. Afterwards, Lakers head coach Byron Scott suggested that it might be time for Kobe to take a seat.

Surprisingly, an exhausted Bryant — who’s failed to hit 40% shooting for the sixth time in his last seven games for the Lakers (8-19) — seemed to agree with the plan to sit out a game or more.

Per the LA Times:

“There’s probably not much of an option … it might make sense,” he said quietly after making only eight of 30 shots (26.7%). He had 25 points and nine turnovers. […] “It’s fatigue and then just general soreness, joint soreness, body soreness,” Bryant said.


“I take a lot of pride in trying to play all 82, obviously,” he said. “People come and spend their hard-earned money and come to watch us play, hoping I’m out there. I try to take that into account every single night.”


“I didn’t anticipate having to try to do so much, to be honest with you,” he said, adding a dry chuckle. “At this stage the body doesn’t respond as quickly. I understand what the workload is and what I have to do for us to be successful. Now it’s just trying to figure out a way to have my body respond to be able to do it.”