Kobe Bryant: Top-Selling Jersey in Europe Again

Kobe’s shirt is the top seller in America, China, and Europe. No word on how it’s doing on Mars, though. From the NY Times: “The European fashion crowd apparently likes Kobe Bryant jerseys. Bryant’s Lakers jersey remains the No. 1 seller in European stores, for the third consecutive year, according to the league’s latest sales numbers. Bryant’s jersey is also the top seller in China. LeBron James, in his former Cleveland Cavaliers incarnation, is the second most popular jersey in Europe. James’ new Heat teammate, Dwyane Wade, is in third place. Europeans are trending to purchase more jerseys of their countrymen. N.B.A. rosters are becoming more global, now made up with 20 percent international players. Lakers center Pau Gasol (Spain) has the fourth-most popular jersey. The Raptors’ Andrea Bargnani (Italy) is at No. 6, and his Raptors teammate Jose Calderon (Spain) is ranked No. 7.”