Kobe Bryant Unhappy With Lakers Trading Steve Blake

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant did not take the news of Steve Blake’s trade to the Golden State Warriors. Bryant criticized the move on Twitter, but the front-office said it was necessary. Per the LA Daily News:

Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak suggested the move had less to do with the financial relief that he described as “not a really big number.” Instead, Kupchak argued he made the deal so it’d give the team a chance to develop younger talent that could possibly have a long-term future.

“As a person and as a player, we loved him,” Kupchak said of Blake. “But our shortage of point guards about a month or so ago led us to Kendall Marshall. With Kendall and Jordan (Farmar) and of course Steve Nash is back there and Steve Blake, it really got to the point where we needed to free up some time in the backcourt to look at Jordan and give Kendall the time that he’s earned and let’s review and evaluate where we are with those two players.”

“I’m sure (Kobe will) tell me the players that he’d like to have, and if it’s in line with what we would like to have, then I think there will be some influence,” Kupchak said. “But if we’re on opposite ends, then there probably won’t be much influence.”