Kobe Bryant Unhappy With Pau Gasol’s Handling of Concussion

by January 16, 2013

Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol has missed the last 5 games due to a concussion, and doctors have yet to clear him for most basketball-related activities. Teammate Kobe Bryant says that Gasol should be taking better care of himself as he recovers. Per the LA Daily News: “I was a little angry with him the other day because he’s coming to practice and coming to the games,’ Bryant said. ‘Stay home. Cut all the lights off. Just rest. Let your brain rest. But he wants to be around [the team]. That’s the type of teammate he is.’ Gasol has sat on the Lakers’ bench in the past two contests, including the Lakers’ 104-88 victory Tuesday over the Milwaukee Bucks. Players, including Gasol, are advised to avoid bright lights and noise after having a concussion. It’s possible Gasol has progressed in that stage since Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said the Lakers forward has participated in light shooting drills. Still, an NBA official has said each player must pass a series of tests symptom free, including stationary bike, light jogging, running, jumping and agility drills, team drills with limited contact and returning to the court without limitations. With Gasol still lacking any medical clearance, he hasn’t passed at least some of the tests. […] ‘That’s the difference between me and him,’ Bryant said. ‘I’ll stay home and cut the damn lights off. He’s more of a team guy. He wants to be around the fellas. He wants to do his treatment around the fellas.’ Nonetheless, Bryant said he’s ‘not concerned’ on whether Gasol will recover. He will visit with neurologist Dr. Vern Williams Wednesday in what will mark his sixth visit since nursing the concussion. ‘It just takes time,’ Bryant said. ‘There’s nothing you can do really to expedite it. It’s not a muscle. You can’t massage it. There’s nothing you can do. You just rest.'”