Kobe Bryant Wants Pau Gasol to Get More Touches in the Post

by December 05, 2012

Under Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni, Pau Gasol has drifted further and further away from the hoop, frustrating him and Lakers fans along the way. Gasol is battling injury and facing trade rumors, but according to teammate Kobe Bryant, the team needs to re-establish Pau in the post where he is most effective and dominant. Per ESPN: “Amid rising pressure and growing trade speculation smothering the ailing Pau Gasol, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant offered his strongest public support to date to back the Spaniard with whom he has won two NBA championships. ‘I love Pau like a brother,’ Bryant said. ‘I really do. I want him to dominate like I know he can. I want him to dig in and be determined, not discouraged,’ Bryant continued. ‘We should go to him more on the post because he can dominate from there as he has to the tune of two rings. I’m sure we will adjust and figure out a balance when he comes back healthy.’ […] Bryant and Gasol had a lengthy summit Monday night at the team hotel in Houston. ‘I know his knees have been hurting and that can be frustrating because you can’t do physically what you are used to,’ Bryant said. ‘I just don’t want him to sulk about the change of things.’ Gasol is averaging 12.6 points and shooting 42 percent from the floor, both career lows, in new Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni’s offense. Both he and D’Antoni have acknowledged that his role is and will be quite different than what it has historically been for the Lakers.”