Kobe, Harrington and Melo

by Lang Whitaker

“I got my tuneup, had the mechanic go in, clean my joint out, I’m oiled up, I’m ready to go.” — Kobe Bryant, on his injured knee.

• Says here Kobe loves soccer.

Al Harrington‘s new agent debuts and talks about how they’re going to get a great deal for Al, blah, blah, blah. I’m still waiting for him to explain how he’s going to talk Hawks GM Billy Knight into doing a deal that will actually help the Hawks.

• Basketball has been named the official state sport of Massachusetts, and people aren’t happy about it. They apparently thought this somehow meant the Celtics were the official state team, which isn’t a good idea for anyone as long as Fingers Ainge is around.

• Canzano on the Blazers, including a great story about Ruben Patterson.

• The Hornets are considering holding part of their traning camp in New Orleans this year, to try and further confuse their fan base.

Carmelo says his knee will be fine by the weekend.

All’s fine with the Mets these days!

• Not sure what’s more strange: Jared Jeffries wearing a beige/white three-piece suit to his press conference yesterday or his mother wearing clothes that matched his.

• The Sixers being the Sixers, they have $4.5 million laying around but can’t find anyone to give it.

• Another ridiculous Internet rumor has to be refuted by the people involved.

• More on the Cavs situation and their indecision about their announcers.