Kurt Rambis Not Interested in Front-Office Position With Timberwolves?

by July 07, 2011

According to Yahoo! Sports, Minnesota wants to re-assign their current head coach to the front-office, but Kurt Rambis is reportedly not enthused about the idea at all: “The prospects of Rambis serving out the remaining two years and $4 million on his coaching deal so closely with [David] Kahn in the front office holds little, if any, appeal to Rambis, sources said. Rambis has little respect for Kahn’s basketball acumen, and perhaps even less of a personal affinity for him. The two barely spoke over the final months of the regular season, and haven’t communicated much well into the offseason. Rambis has felt mistreated throughout the ongoing saga surrounding his future with the T’wolves, and prefers a finality to this endless public spectacle. Kahn had believed that Rambis’ contract allowed for a reassignment, sources said, although those familiar with the agreement believe that notion would’ve been legally contested. There’s been no communication between management and Rambis for several days, sources said, and the coach remains in a strange sort of limbo: He knows he’s done as coach, but he’s still collecting his check as management actively searches for his replacement. After initially raising the idea of a reassignment, sources said, Kahn has been less aggressive in its pursuit. With the idea more of a concept than a formal offer, Rambis hasn’t needed to officially reject the proposition. Inside and outside the organization, Kahn’s handling of Rambis’ inevitable dismissal is considered downright confounding.”