Kurt Rambis on Darko Milicic’s ‘Potential’

by March 05, 2010

Kurt sees things you and I don’t see, it seems. Well, that’s what he’s telling the local press corps anyway: “Early foul trouble limited Darko Milicic to 14 minutes Wednesday in his first start at center, but Rambis remains intrigued by him. ‘We’re seeing glimpses of tremendous potential for him and for us,’ Rambis said after his team practiced Thursday to prepare for Saturday’s home game against Houston. ‘He made a pass to Ramon Sessions that Ramon wasn’t even looking for, probably assuming there was no way Darko was going to get him the basketball. He has such tremendous vision and passing capabilities. We really haven’t seen an exorbitant amount of what he can do scoring, but it’s there. It’s just starting to poke out. That’s why we’re doing things in practice to encourage him to not only pass the basketball but also look for his own opportunities.”‘