Kyle Lowry: ‘I Just Want a Ring’

by May 09, 2017

Kyle Lowry will be a free agent this summer, and says his main priority is playing on a championship contender.

Are the Toronto Raptors that squad?

The 31-year-old All-Star point guard was hobbled by a sprained ankle in the Raptors’ final two Playoff games.

Per The Globe and Mail:

The all-star expressed his love for Toronto and his close friend and teammate DeMar DeRozan and repeatedly said he hadn’t thought much about his strategy as a free agent, but his top priority is winning.


“A ring. Nothing else. I just want a ring. I think I can do that anywhere I play. That’s just how confident I am,” Lowry said. “I’ve got to get better and I want to beat the best. Whatever it takes to beat the best, that’s what I’ve got to do.”


Lowry will enter free agency for the third time in his career. He said he wants to spend this summer improving his body, his leadership skills, explosiveness and efficiency. He also hopes to improve his mental game by watching a lot of game film.


“We don’t have LeBron,” Lowry said. “I’m going to work harder to beat the best. That’s what I want to do, beat the best, whoever it is – the Warriors, the Cavs, whoever wins the championship this year. I want to do whatever it takes to beat them as a basketball player, to beat them.”