Kyrie Irving on Leaving Cavs: ‘I Don’t Care’ What People Think

by September 25, 2017
kyrie irving cavs don't care

Celtics guard Kyrie Irving says he has no interest in explaining why he requested a trade out of Cleveland.

In an interview with NBA TV’s David Aldridge, Kyrie stated, “Whether [people] understand it or not is on them” (starting at 6:41):

Do you think people will ever understand why you asked for a trade?


Kyrie: “Honestly, I don’t even care.” […]


“At the end of the day, you can say as much as you want to make sense of it—in terms of what you did in order for what you deemed best for yourself—and whether they understand it or not is on them.


“And I’m not here to answer all those questions because it’s literally coming from a place that has almost zilch to do with two hoops and a basketball.


“I see it as just basketball.


“Then you add business into it, and then you add the personal relationships into it, and then that’s when everyone has more and more questions.” […]


“My focus will never be there, in that place in terms of trying to fixate on making someone feel better or having someone understand it. It’s impossible.”

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