Kyrie Irving Says He Needs Better Communication With Coach David Blatt

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost the first game of the Second LeBron Era, and All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving blamed himself for the team’s disjointed play on offense.

Irving admits that he did not have full command of the show, and that he needs to do a better job of communicating with head coach David Blatt.

James called his own play “careless” (17 points, 8 turnovers) in the 95-90 defeat Thursday night to the visiting New York Knicks; Irving led the way for the Cavs with 22 points and 7 assists, but also committed four turnovers.


“For us, it’s just a better communication between me and Coach Blatt,” Irving said. “That’s basically what it boils down to. I’m his point guard out there, and some things that I see, you know, he has plays in his mind and I have plays in my mind as well.


“We’re just going to continue to grow. It’s a process. Within practice, we kind of switch on and off [calling the plays], but for us it’s about what’s going on out there on the court and what he sees and what I see, and hopefully we can get on the same page pretty soon.”


“We got static, without question,” Blatt said. “We’re good when we move the ball. We’re really good when we move the ball. And when we play without motion and without ball energy, I like to call it, then that’s what it looks like. That is exactly what happened.” […] “It starts with me and my patience in the half court and the full court,” Irving said. “There were some plays that we were running, just what I see out there and exploiting mismatches and trying to do the best I can on making this team go.”