Kyrie Irving Says He Never Had Any Help Before in Cleveland

by August 26, 2014

A year after LeBron James’ departure to South Beach, the Cleveland Cavaliers lucked into Kyrie Irving, and continued their nose-dive into irrelevancy. Four years later, LeBron is back (and he’s bringing Kevin Love along with him), and Irving realizes he finally has a real shot at winning big now. Uncle Drew knows he must also become a better team leader. Per USA Today:

“I mean it’s you know they wrote in the headlines that Kyrie said he wasn’t so much of a leader,” he said. “ I mean I was for me personally I was kind of thrust into the role I have no time to make mistakes or anything like that and that right there is going to make me the leader that I want to become.


“Obviously being a leader is not a perfect job, it’s very lonely, everybody else just looks in from the outside and criticizes you and that’s part of the business and I get it. It’s more just holding myself to a higher standard every single day and getting used to that.


“Three years in Cleveland, a lot of things going on speculation all that stuff, I had to deal with that all on my own, I didn’t really have help from anybody so I was just figuring that out,” he added. “Like I said leadership is a daily job and it’s an ongoing learning process and I’m just getting used to it. I’m not saying I’m a perfect leader but I’m learning how to become one.”