Kyrie Irving Wants To Start a ‘Self-Sustaining Community’

Frustrated with the pay-to-play nature of living in a capitalist society, Kyrie Irving is planning to start a “self-sustaining community.”

While guesting on Drama’s “Short Story Long” podcast, Kyrie said he ultimately wants to buy land and create an ecovillage (starting at 1:22:35):

What do you see the longer-term, the 20-year… Do you have any big aspirations?


Kyrie: “I have—they’re never lofty—the idea of a self-sustaining community that ultimately exists with… Everyone has equality, but just built around a culture that is being driven by individuals that are selected amongst us as a community that we all want to stay close to.


“So we’re just working on a plan where ultimately we can accomplish that on a grander scale of a lot of acres, farmable land and basically buy that land and start building our own damn community.


How many people are in this community?


Kyrie: “That’s what I’m saying, these are literally just the layout of what we want to accomplish, and now you start filling out how you want to accomplish it.


“We have some people, but we need more. We’ll find each other in terms of how do you accomplish something like that—that you have a self-sustaining community that ultimately is all together.


You don’t to worry about outside anything. That’s the goal.


Kyrie: “I don’t want to say not worry about outside, but there are things that you figure out that just make sense man.


“The fact that it costs a shit-ton to be healthy.


“The fact that it costs a whole bunch of money to get fresh, organic, free-range eggs.


“So you’re telling me that these organic eggs… What’s the difference? The quality of food and things in this crazy world—


“I always say it to my friends… the fact that you have to pay to play in this world is ridiculous. You really have to pay to play.


“You have to pay your phone bill. You have to pay for the spot that you’re living in right now. You have to pay for your clothes. You have to pay for your hat. You have to pay for your shirt. And on top of that, you want to throw on some jewelry.


“And then there’s a separate class that they’ve put us in because of money.”

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