Kyrie Irving Skipped Out on Fan Appreciation Night (UPDATED)

by April 16, 2013

Following another crushing loss, a frustrated Kyrie Irving raced off the floor and did not take part in scheduled Fan Appreciation Night activities for the Cleveland Cavaliers’ final home game this season. Per the Akron Beacon Journal: “While the rest of the players lined up to hand selected fans their jerseys and shoes as part of Fan Appreciation Night, Irving immediately sprinted off the court at the buzzer and into the locker room. Irving’s quick exit left a staff member to scramble back to the locker room and gather a jersey and pair of Irving’s shoes to be handed out by someone else. Coach Byron Scott said he thought Irving was injured on the game’s final play and a team spokesman announced in the locker room just prior to Irving meeting with reporters that he had suffered a bruised right heel. Irving acted surprised upon hearing that. ‘That’s what I have? Oh, when was someone going to tell me that?’ Irving said. ‘I’m hurt again? Damn. How long am I going to be out, 4 to 6 weeks?’ Asked when he was injured, Irving said he was fine. ‘They said I have a bruised heel, but I’m fine,’ he said. ‘I felt it in the first half. Felt something in my heel, but I’m OK.’ He was healthy enough to play 36 minutes, but he couldn’t stick around five more to participate in the festivities celebrating the home finale. Asked why he ran off the court so quickly rather than stick around to hand out his shirt and shoes with everyone else, Irving said he wanted the medical staff to check out his foot.”

UPDATE: Kyrie has apologized on Twitter: “I want to personally apologize to all the Cavs fans for my actions yesterday, it was truly unfair to you guys, Im very appreciative for all Of you guys, your love and passion for the organization and city is what pushes me to be great.”