Report: Kyrie Irving Thinks LeBron James Leaked Trade Request

by July 24, 2017
kyrie lebron leaked trade

Earlier this month, Kyrie Irving asked the Cavaliers‘ front office for a trade.

His request was kept secret for over a week until the story was reported on Friday. How exactly did the news leak?

Well, one of Kyrie’s confidants believes that it was LeBron James‘ doing. He posted this on Instagram over the weekend:

kyrie lebron leaked trade

“By the way stop lying LeBron


“I know the real fuck boy


“Stop lying to the media”

In addition, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is reporting that Kyrie’s camp is convinced that his trade request was leaked by LeBron’s camp.

“Kyrie’s side of the camp is disgusted because their mentality is that they didn’t put this out. They believe LeBron James and his camp put this out.


“LeBron James’ people obviously, categorically, deny such a thing.


“But Kyrie Irving’s side of the camp believes that LeBron has put this out because LeBron is a bit perturbed at what he had heard Kyrie Irving had told Cleveland Cavaliers’ management.”

All of this begs the question: Is LeBron trying to force Kyrie out of Cleveland?

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