Lakers are Big Fans of Blake Griffin

by December 09, 2010

They couldn’t contain him at all last night, and all came away impressed (and most seemed to give him the edge in the Rookie of the Year race). The only person who was let down was Ron Artest, who wanted Griffin to yam on his head. Oh, Ron. From the LA Times: “Taking for granted that all the Clippers would back Griffin, I asked several Lakers who they’d choose before the game. And the winner, to this point, conceding the possibility of geographical bias, is … Phil Jackson: ‘Blake Griffin obviously has a big impact in a game right now and Wall looks to me like he’s still searching. He had a good game last night but he looks to me like he’s still searching for what his game is. Blake looks more mature than Wall at this point. Ron Artest: ‘Blake Griffin can still get rookie of the year? Oh, Blake. Blake is a human highlight film. I haven’t even had a chance to study his game because I’m too busy looking at his dunks.’ Lamar Odom: ‘Kid next door. Explosive. Very explosive. The way he gets it, he’s very entertaining. Fun to watch.'”