Lakers, Rockets Both in Contact With Magic About Dwight Howard Trade

Dwight Howard seems to be pretty upset with the Magic these days, and Orlando’s front office may have finally accepted that they’ll have to move the big man before the season begins. We already knew the Nets have been semi-interested (they may just drop the idea and go after Joe Johnson, reports have said), but Yahoo! Sports reports that the Magic have now been in contact with both the Lakers and Rockets (separately) for a potential deal: “The Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic have had preliminary contact about a possible deal for All-Star center Dwight Howard, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. Orlando officials are willing to discuss trades for Howard, and the Lakers have been one of the teams in touch with them over the weekend, sources said. The Brooklyn Nets and Houston Rockets have also talked to Magic officials, sources said. While the Lakers have yet to make a direct offer, there’s no scenario where Orlando would move Howard to the Lakers without getting back Andrew Bynum, L.A.’s 24-year-old All-Star center. Pau Gasol wouldn’t fit the Magic’s desires to rebuild with young players and draft picks. The Lakers had been willing to part with Bynum for Howard in March, but those talks ended when Howard decided to decline his early termination option and remain under contract through the 2012-13 season.”