Lakers Still Considering Re-Signing Pau Gasol

by June 29, 2014

The Lakers haven’t seemed particularly interested in keeping Pau Gasol around long-term, but that doesn’t mean they’re against it, either. They may pursue their own unrestricted free agent this summer. From

“It’s going to depend,” Kupchak said. “Pau and I spoke a lot during the season, a lot during the postseason. And we let him become a free agent. And I know it’s something that he’s looking forward to. He loves Los Angeles and he’d love to stay here. He’d love to continue to win, but it is a pretty active marketplace. Or it will be. And he’s going to have some options that are probably pretty good. We’re going to have to sort through our challenges and there are scenarios where Pau would be back and we’d pursue him. And there are scenarios that he wouldn’t be back or that he chooses to go someplace else.”