Lakers to Make Andrew Bynum a Part-Time Player?

by October 06, 2010

Should Andrew suffer yet another knee injury, Phil Jackson tells the LA Times that he may be put on the Yao Ming program: “It’s not going to happen this season, the Lakers hope, but Andrew Bynum might be forced to play limited minutes as a career situational player if he suffers one more serious knee injury, Coach Phil Jackson said Tuesday. Bynum has experienced knee problems the last three years, each injury different but nonetheless representing a pattern that has forced Jackson to contemplate the big picture.  It wasn’t overly rosy. ‘We’re hopeful that this is the time he’s able to start playing consistently through a season,’ Jackson said. ‘If not, we’re going to have to look at Andrew as a short-minute guy, somebody like Yao Ming who’s going to be limited in the amount of minutes he plays.'”