Lakers Willing to Take Part in Revenue Sharing

Jerry Buss says that his Lakers are prepared to share in the wealth with the rest of the League, if that results in a healthier overall NBA. The team spokesman makes it sound like Jerry has the heart of Mother Teresa. From the OC Register: “NBA commissioner David Stern has made clear that he wants dramatically increased revenue sharing to be the new economic structure for his league after this season, following the leads of the NFL and Major League Baseball. For Lakers owner Jerry Buss, that means basically giving a lot-lot-lot of earned money away to his competitors … for nothing tangible in return. So how much are the Lakers going to fight that revenue sharing? ‘Not only are we not going to fight it, we’ll support it,’ Lakers spokesman John Black said Sunday night, ‘due to the benevolence of our owner, who is willing to sacrifice for the overall good of our league.’ There you have it: The Lakers, the league’s royalty whose purple and gold robes already make everyone in the NBA some nice coin, are on-the-record on board with giving up a lot more. At a time when there’s almost no good news coming out about how the NBA could avoid a lockout after this season, that’s a definite something.”