Lamar Odom Mad at Himself for Costly Rebound

L.O. and Laker fans had something in common last night. They were all upset that an opposing forward beat him to a board at the game’s most critical juncture, leading to a loss. The LA Times reports: “He failed to box out Kenyon Martin, allowing the Denver Nuggets’ forward to slip in for a tip-in with 11 seconds left in the Lakers’ 95-90 loss Sunday. ‘That’s twice this year,’ Odom muttered to a reporter as he ambled across the locker room 30 minutes later. Indeed, Odom allowed San Antonio forward Antonio McDyess to score with a similarly late tip-in two months ago. The Spurs mobbed McDyess, celebrating perhaps their biggest victory this season. The only action on the court at Sunday’s was Odom slinging the ball in frustration from one end to the other. Odom was mad at himself. He also hoped to get some help from Ron Artest, who was on the other side of Martin. ‘Me and Ron have been playing basketball all our life and we didn’t communicate on that last free throw,’ Odom said. “We were supposed to squeeze [Martin], know what I’m saying?’ Said Artest: ‘I guess [Martin] punked us. Or he cheated. One or the other.'”