LaMarcus Aldridge Says Blazers Have ‘More Weight’ in Free Agency

by May 01, 2015

Portland hoops fans are disappointed with their team’s early exit from the postseason, but an even bigger concern is free agent-to-be LaMarcus Aldridge.

Rumors are swirling about the Blazers’ All-Star big man possibly thinking about leaving Oregon this summer, but Aldridge says he doesn’t want his Portland experience to end anytime soon.

LMA spoke with the local press Thursday following an exit interview with team staff, and though he attempted to be coy about his future plans, it doesn’t sound like he’s looking to bolt.

Per The Oregonian:

Q: LaMarcus, what’s going to be important for you when you decide when you decide where you play next year? […] Aldridge: “… I’m not gonna get into the details of it, but I think I’m gonna go home and just relax and talk to my family and my agent and just go from there. Of course I love being here, I’m thankful for everything this city has given me and for my time here. It’s been an amazing nine years; of course I’m not trying to have that end. When the time comes we’ll sit down, my agent and Neil (Olshey) and Paul (Allen), we’ll just figure it out.”


Q: Does this team have the benefit — […] Aldridge: “As I said, we’ll just sit down and we’ll figure it out. I’m not gonna get into the percentages and everything like that. I’ve always loved being here and I’ve had a great nine years here, so that’s always gonna have more weight than anything else.”


Q: You’ve been here, like you said, nine years but some of us and or some of the fans, they still don’t feel like they connect or feel like they know what your plan is. Does that surprise you or do you kind of understand that? […] Aldridge: “It’s not overly surprising. I’m a private person; I’m pretty to myself. A select number of teammates know me next level. But I don’t know if it’s really about that. I think I’ve always competed when I was in uniform. I’ve always tried to bring wins to this city, tried to play through adversity or pain or injuries if I could. I think that’s the more important thing rather than kind of knowing who I am on a deeper level. I think that just comes with time.”