LaMarcus Aldridge Wants to Sign a Max Deal in Portland Next Summer

by July 09, 2014

Given the choice between a three-year, $65 million extension this summer, and another for five years and $108 million in 2015, Portland Trail Blazers All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge made the no-brainer decision to wait until he can sign the longer, more lucrative deal.

Aldridge and the Blazers both say they want the big fella to finish his career in Portland.

Per the Oregonian:

“I’m happy to stay, happy to be here, happy with the direction the team has gone the last year or two,” Aldridge said. “This has no impact on my interest in staying in Portland. I just want to get a five-year deal. I feel like that’s the best decision on my part.”


Last month, owner Paul Allen and general manager Neil Olshey traveled to Los Angeles to reaffirm their commitment to the franchise cornerstone and recruit him to stay in Portland long term, presenting two scenarios allowed under the NBA collective bargaining agreement to make that happen.


“I don’t want it to be perceived that I’m not happy or I’m not staying on because I’m not signing a three-year deal,” Aldridge said. “It’s just financially smarter to wait … and I’m looking forward to signing the five-year deal when the chance comes.” […] “Paul’s never done that,” Aldridge said. “I think it showed that they value me being here and they want me to be a part of this organization for as long as I can. They even said: ‘For my whole career. A lifetime Blazer.’ That meant a lot and it made me feel better about my position in Portland going forward.”