Larry Brown Helping Calipari At Kentucky Practices

by January 29, 2011

It will be interesting to see if Brown’s role develops at UK. For now, it’s just ‘another set of eyes,’ according to Coach Cal. From the Lexington Herald-Ledger: “Hall of Famer Larry Brown, whom Kentucky Coach John Calipari called a friend and mentor, has attended UK practices this week. He’ll be at Saturday’s game against Georgia. But not sitting on the bench, Calipari said. The UK coach found it difficult to believe Brown would agree to do the ‘Y’ in the K-E-N-T-U-C-K-Y cheer. ‘I don’t know if he’ll do that,’ Calipari said. ‘He’s such a Carolina guy. He’s wearing Kentucky gear, though.’ Brown, who parted ways with the Charlotte Bobcats earlier this NBA season, is serving as another set of eyes ‘to maybe throw me some ideas we haven’t thought of,’ Calipari said. ‘I just like he’s here. I like hanging around him. I’m more relaxed.’