Larry Brown Interested in the Clippers?

According to S.I., Larry Brown is doing Larry Brown things once again. Try not to act surprised: “Speaking of Charlotte, multiple NBA sources said coach Larry Brown has made preliminary calls to the Clippers to try to line up a position with that organization in case things with Jordan go sideways. Brown, according to sources, was concerned that George Postolos, Charlotte’s would-be owner if Jordan’s group hadn’t raised the necessary capital, was prepared to clean house, which meant that Brown would have been out. To preserve his position as an NBA coach, Brown reached out to Clippers owner Donald Sterling to let him know that he is open to returning to L.A. Brown did not return several calls seeking comment. One source indicated Brown was seeking complete control, including the ability to make personnel decisions. Sterling is said to still be enamored with the idea of getting Brown, who coached the Clippers to the playoffs in 1992 and ’93. Brown also has a home in Malibu and his wife is said to want to move back there.”