Larry Brown Needs Jackson On The Court

by November 30, 2010

Understandably, Coach Brown is getting a little fed up with Captain Jack’s tendency to get throw out of games: “Charlotte Bobcats coach Larry Brown needs Stephen Jackson to stop getting himself tossed from basketball games. But based on Brown’s comments Monday, Jackson might not be capable of that change. ‘It affects him, it affects our team. We’ve got a key player who’s in the locker room,’ Brown said, referring to Jackson’s ejection, 4 ½ minutes into Saturday’s loss in Milwaukee. ‘I don’t know how things are going to change,’ Brown added. ‘I understand from his perspective what’s going on, but that’s the way it is: As hard as it is for a player to understand that, you’ve got to play through (emotion). You’re too important to our team. We need you on the court.’ Seventeen games into the season Jackson has committed six technical fouls, tying him with Orlando’s Dwight Howard for most in the league. If he reaches 16, he’ll serve an automatic one-game suspension, but it might not take that long. Jackson was scheduled to speak with league officials Monday. He said at practice he’s ‘pretty sure’ he’ll receive additional discipline that could involve a suspension. Jackson said following Monday practice he’d ‘let them do what they’re going to do and be ready to play next time I get out there on the court.'”