Larry Brown to Replace Eddie Jordan in Philly?

The Philly Burbs says that Eddie Jordan’s disastrous stint in Philly is coming to an end, and the NY Post has a report that Larry Brown is headed back to Philly to man that sinking ship. Hmm: “Play ‘Misty’ for us; they closed the coffin on the I-Nod Center last night. Coincidentally, Larry Brown and his latest band of renown were in town. If memory — and a cheat sheet — serve, it was Brown who escorted New Jersey into the Brendan Byrne Arena in 1981. Coincidentally squared, Next Town Brown, I’m informed, has received approval from Bobcats owner Michael Jordan to return home, home on the range — Philadelphia — where his wife, school-age children and the antelopes still play, to re-take control of the 76ers from top to bottom. I presume permission isn’t activated until after the playoffs, but with Next Town, one can never be sure. In any case, hopefully Sixers president/GM Ed Stefanski, who began his visit 2½ years ago, isn’t last to find out his visa is about to be revoked. Head coach Eddie Jordan has known for some time he’ll be terminated immediately, if not faster, following the team’s last game tomorrow in Orlando.”